Central Algarve: the potteries of Porches

I’m still relatively new to this outdoor writing lark; however, the one thing I learned from Harri is it’s essential to get the route right. This is true whether you’re hiking in South Wales or walking in and around Armação de … Continued

Central Algarve: ‘outdoor moments’ around Montes Mourinhas

We’ve taken to calling our little daily jaunts around Montes Mourinhas our ‘outdoor moments’ simply because that’s the delightful way the permitted daily exercise was translated on official guidance. I’ve always loved being by the sea, which was the main … Continued

Central Algarve: Praia do Barranco and its valley

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It seems ages since Harri was able to take a two-day weekend so we were determined to make the most of it. Yesterday, we headed east to Albufeira following the often demanding coast path. Today, we decided to go in … Continued