Montes Mourinhas – spring has arrived

After a pretty miserable week of on-off rain, it was wonderful to wake up to sunshine and blue skies here in Montes Mourinhos. On the bright side, the constant downpours have kept my newly planted garden well-nourished and I now … Continued

Central Algarve: lockdown in Montes Mourinhos

This morning, the biggest decision facing me here in Montes Mourinhos was whether today’s ‘outdoor moment’ should take the form of a run or a walk. I have opted for a late afternoon walk (I ran a fair distance yesterday … Continued

Central Algarve: ‘outdoor moments’ around Montes Mourinhas

We’ve taken to calling our little daily jaunts around Montes Mourinhas our ‘outdoor moments’ simply because that’s the delightful way the permitted daily exercise was translated on official guidance. I’ve always loved being by the sea, which was the main … Continued

Central Algarve: 10km stroll from Montes Mourinhos

Today marks the end of our second week of self-isolation here in Montes Mourinhos. The Portuguese government announced a State of Emergency on March 18; however, most people we know had quite rightly decided to stop socialising – and small … Continued