Trail runs from Rhiwderyn

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A guest blog by Harri Garrod Roberts

Harri (Small)

One of the lovely woodland paths near Rhiwderin

Despite the rain and the mud, autumn and winter are often the best time of year for trail running: crops, stingy nettles and brambles have died or been cut back and cooler temperatures make tackling steep hills that much easier. With this in mind, I’ve recently been plotting my favourite home runs from Rhiwderyn on to the ViewRanger website.

While I’ve only plotted each route in one direction, I run all routes clockwise and anticlockwise to add a little variety to life.

All the following routes are between five and ten kilometres.


I’m gradually extending the distances I run so will post some longer routes over the next couple of weeks. Type ‘CAMAU’ into ViewRanger’s search engine to find out what’s new.


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