I’ve been blogging about hiking and running on various platforms since August 2011. For the first few years, my blogs focused mostly about hiking in Wales – and occasionally over the border in England. There was a lot of rain, mist and – my biggest bugbear – mud! Then, in November 2018, we left the UK to live in Portugal and I found myself blogging about hiking in warm and sunny climes, about keeping going in extreme heat and exploring a new country.

Blogging about hiking is much like keeping a modern-day diary or journal in that it provides a lasting memoir of your own life; it also means that on those grim days when it’s impossible to venture outside, Harri and I can log onto my blog and reminisce about the seventeen years of hiking adventures we’ve shared.

Somewhere along the way I decided to dip my toe into the field of travelogue writing, which is not very different to writing a blog, especially when you’re as long-winded as me!

As well as blogging about hiking, I have now published three ebooks (also available as Amazon paperbacks):

From 2024, I am expanding the scope of this website to include my venture into fiction writing. For several years I’d been chewing over an idea for a book set in my home town of Newport during the unforgettable summer of 1976 (unforgettable at least for those of us of a certain age). After five complete rewrites, not to mention all the rewriting off various sections, I finally finished the novel in June. Not sure if my working title – Halter Necks and Cocky Elbows – would really resonate with anyone except me, I opted instead for the simpler Run Free and submitted my 98,000 word manuscript to my preferred publisher at the end of June. Now the waiting begins.

But back to the other focus of my website – hiking. Over the next few months I aim to start upgrading the website. This will include:

  • A general re-organisation of the website – and the removal of older ‘dud’ posts
  • Adding PR routes we have walked in the Algarve and in Central Portugal with our feedback and photographs (and, when possible, adding links to our GPX)
  • More about current and future writing projects

So if you love hiking and/or writing, why not stick around for a while?

Thank you.


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