Harri Rhossili for camau


Dr Harri Garrod Roberts has an academic background in literary studies and Welsh culture, including both an MA and a PhD in Welsh writing in English. He has written a number of academic articles and a doctoral monograph, Embodying Identity: Representations of the Body in Welsh Literature (University of Wales Press).

He has contributed to The Babel Guide to Welsh Fiction (Boulevard Books) and worked as a reviewer for the Welsh internationalist magazine, Planet, and the Welsh literary journal, New Welsh Review. He is a fluent Welsh speaker and works as a Welsh translator and proofreader, as well as being a freelance writer, book reviewer and editor. He is the regular proofreader/copy editor for New Welsh Review.

Harri is a member of the Outdoor Writers and Photographers Guild and, until the end of 2013, was editor of the members’ magazine, Outdoor Focus.