Ria Formosa: yomping from Vila Real to Tavira

After a good night’s sleep, we were looking forward to our return walk to Tavira along the beaches and the Ria Formosa. Hailing from Newport, Wales, I feel pretty well-informed about tides – the River Usk has the highest tidal … Continued

Caminho Nascente: Tavira to Vila Real de Santo António

It’s over two years since we were last in Tavira and even longer since we visited Vila Real de Santo António, the most easterly town in the Algarve. Which meant I was rather pleased when Harri decided he’d like to … Continued

The Algarve is most definitely not flat

Goodness, it’s often so difficult to resist being drawn into the Facebook malarkey that offers itself up as honest discussion but mostly I do stop myself dashing off a response. Until today, when some silly woman living on the Silver … Continued