Afternoon stroll to Praia Grande de Pêra

We decided to skip the hiking this weekend and head to the beach: Praia Grande de Pêra to be precise. Just to be clear, this isn’t the stretch of beach closest to our home in Armação de Pêra (which is … Continued

Western Algarve – Rio de Alvor at low tide

We love the beautiful unspoilt places in and around the Rio de Alvor. It’s perfect for walkers, not least because the area around Rio de Alvor is mostly level and the views are pretty spectacular. There are two waymarked walks … Continued

Central Algarve: the potteries of Porches

I’m still relatively new to this outdoor writing lark; however, the one thing I learned from Harri is it’s essential to get the route right. This is true whether you’re hiking in South Wales or walking in and around Armação de … Continued

Montes Mourinhos to Porches Velhos circular

Having opted to go running yesterday, we chose to spend our ‘outdoor moment’ walking today and duly set off in the direction of Porches Velhos. For those who don’t know the area, Porches Velhos is the stuff of dreams, the … Continued