Walking to Carvoeiro with Google maps

There were several reasons for me walking to Carvoeiro. First and foremost, I’d set myself the challenge of walking 100 miles in June, which meant I needed to get out for some solitary walking on weekdays as well as at … Continued

Montes Mourinhos – Pêra circular

For seven weeks Harri has excelled himself and conjured up all sorts of interesting routes around our home in Montes Mourinhos, Armação de Pêra. We generally head west where we frequently stray into the neighbouring municipality of Lagoa just a … Continued

Montes Mourinhos to Porches Velhos circular

Having opted to go running yesterday, we chose to spend our ‘outdoor moment’ walking today and duly set off in the direction of Porches Velhos. For those who don’t know the area, Porches Velhos is the stuff of dreams, the … Continued

Montes Mourinhos: lockdown in colour

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With it being the weekend, we decided to extend our daily stroll just a little bit beyond the immediate Montes Mourinhos area. Though we live in a very pretty area, it does become slightly tedious walking and running the same … Continued