Montes Mourinhos – Pêra circular

For seven weeks Harri has excelled himself and conjured up all sorts of interesting routes around our home in Montes Mourinhos, Armação de Pêra. We generally head west where we frequently stray into the neighbouring municipality of Lagoa just a … Continued

Central Algarve: 10km stroll from Montes Mourinhos

Today marks the end of our second week of self-isolation here in Montes Mourinhos. The Portuguese government announced a State of Emergency on March 18; however, most people we know had quite rightly decided to stop socialising – and small … Continued

Albufeira – Alcantarilha circular

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Well, it’s certainly been a March to remember here in Albufeira. Everyone we talk to tells us that this inclement weather is NOT normal, that spring is usually well underway by now with temperatures warming up nicely. The only consolation … Continued