The Via Algarviana: Alcoutim to Balurcos

I couldn’t suppress my excitement as I opened the shutters of our Sanlúcar room and gazed across the Rio Guadiana to Alcoutim. Yesterday’s grey clouds had disappeared and the morning sky was clear and blue. It seemed strange that in … Continued

The Via Algarviana: Alcoutim

The Via Algarviana starts from the quay at Alcoutim, some distance from the coast on the left bank of the Rio Guadiana. We hadn’t done ourselves any favours by arriving in Portugal on a Sunday, so Harri thought it best … Continued

The Via Algarviana: heading to Portugal

Unlike the Spanish, the Portuguese are not known for their great love of walking. In fact, until we headed to the Algarve, our only experience of walking in the country was back in July 2011 when we were staying in … Continued