Central Portugal: Pedrógão Pequeno to Castanheira de Pera

If there’s one thing that Harri does extremely well it’s choosing exquisite hotels. I was too exhausted to really appreciate our surroundings last night but this morning … wow! The panorama from the Hotel de Montanha’s breakfast room was breathtaking … Continued

Central Portugal: Foz de Alge to Pedrógão Pequeno

  Foz de Alge might be a sleepy backwater nowadays but back in the seventeenth century this little village was at the forefront of industrial innovation. Long before the reservoir existed, a forge was built at the water’s edge to … Continued

Central Portugal: Ferreira do Zêzere to Foz de Alge

It’s amazing how different everywhere looks when the sun is shining (and you’ve had a good night’s sleep). Our route out of Ferreira do Zêzere was far prettier than our walk in, and by the time we’d left the town … Continued